Dry Cleaners

We have been General Insurance Brokers to this Industry for over 25 years and are privileged to continue to service Dry Cleaner businesses, Australia Wide for all Insurance & Risk Management related matters.

This Special Program of Insurance has been developed and automatically includes Accidental Damage or Loss for Customers Goods not normally available with standard Insurance policies in Australia.

This is particularly useful when Customers Goods are damaged in the Cleaning, Ironing or Finishing processes.

Our Insurance Plan for Dry Cleaners has withstood the test of time and has been protecting Dry Cleaners whilst saving them substantial premiums for sometime.

We have Dry Cleaner clients in all States but can consider providing our exclusive terms to your current broker to refer back to us.

So before renewing your insurances and for an obligation FREE quote please contact us.

With a large number of Dry Cleaners insured through us, our support to this industry and experience in dealing with insurance queries and claims is second to none.

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