Insurance for Carriers & Household Removalists

In support of our Removalist Distributor network, referring CARTS Insurance ( products to customers has never been easier. If you are a Removalist, Freight Forwarder or Cartage Contractor you could have an advantage in obtaining Broader than standardised Insurance covers and Competitive premiums to protect you and your customers.


As a CARTS Distributor you have access to specialised covers that can save you money and ensure you are properly protected in the following areas;

Carriers Legal Liability

We can protect Removalist & Cartage Contractors when Liability is created through Customer’s goods being subsequently damaged and proven to be as a result of those Contractors negligence. Customers should always be encouraged to arrange their own specific insurance covers, for which our program involves Removalists Distributors referring their customers to .

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Commercial Motor Fleet Insurance

We understand you will be called upon to complete Household or Commercial Goods moves of a variable Quantity, Goods Specification or Distance. Our appointed Motor Vehicle Insurer will offer a most competitive market premium and generally not restrict cover to the type of goods being moved or the radius you operate being exceeded from time to time.

It is always recommended to obtain our advice at any time during the policy period.

Property Insurance including Customers Goods in Storage

Some of our ‘Distributors’ have offices others have Storage premises where they accommodate their Customers goods. We can arrange to include cover on Customers goods regardless of its time in Storage. All other property including Buildings, Contents, Equipment and Machinery can also be covered at reduced market premiums.

Public Liability Insurance

Aside from the Carriers Legal Liability Insurance, you should also protect yourself against any claims made where your actions may have caused Property Damage or Bodily Injury to the general Public. So if you accidentally damage Property (eg; a car, a stairwell) or cause injury to a Third Party, you will have protection against negligence claims made against you as a result.

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