Our Service Standards

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All reputable professions are governed by a strong Code of Practice - and insurance broking is no different. Our Code of Practice sets out the minimum service standards you can expect when you use our services that outlines what you need to do in the unlikely event you have a complaint to make.
The Code sets out our commitment in a number of areas, including:
· Managing conflicts of interest;
· Explaining what our services will be;
· Acting for you diligently, competently, fairly and with honesty and integrity;
· Informing you how we are paid for the services we provide;
· Ensuring our staff are competent and adequately trained; and
· Providing an opportunity to resolve complaints and disputes.
· Promise to you that we will act in your best interests at all times and be open and honest with you at every step of the way.
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Issued : 1st November, 2018
(General Insurance) contains information about our services and charges, your rights as a client and other things you need to know in relation to insurance matters including how any complaints you may have will be dealt with.
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(Internal & External Disputes Resolution)
Clients not satisfied with our services should contact our Complaints Officer. We are members of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), a free consumer service. Further information is available from our office, or contact AFCA directly on 1800 931 678 or visit www.afca.org.au We also follow The Insurance Brokers Code of Practice.

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